Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Training Technique

When dogs are born they usually have siblings and their mother is the “Leader of the pack”, when a young dog leaves his mother he starts to think that he is free and can do what he wants. When he first joins a family he starts to act dominant. He tries to be leader of the house. You can’t let him gain this position you need to show him through dog training techniques that humans are the head of your house not the dog. He does not have to be aggressive to get what he wants. Sometimes dogs use the sympathetic approach using their puppy dog eyes. This is just another attempt at trying to get higher in the dominance hierarchy and you can’t let them get ahead of you.

When it comes to kids dog’s see them more as playmates than masters as children can get down to their height and play with them, under adult supervision when your child gets to around the age of nine you can start to teach them to use dog training techniques so they can show the dog that when they ask him to do something he has to listen to them, not just listen to you.

Dog training techniques are extremely efficient and very simple to carry out, the training doesn’t even seem like training it just requires repetition and you dog will soon catch on that nothing in life is free!