Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dog Training

When attending a dog training school always be prepared for the worst! Dogs seem to know when there is pressure on them to behave and always seem to mess up on purpose. There will be a lot of other people and dogs there so a short leash is recommended. Always keep an eye on him, he may appear to like the dog next to you one minute but two minutes later he may take a dislike to him and you need to prevent any fights! The most important thing to know when you are at a dog training school is to relax and try to enjoy yourself, if you are tense your dog will sense it and he will be too, so make it fun for the both of you. And don’t forget to take a popper scoop, there is always one dog that likes to leave a little accident, let’s hope it’s not yours.

If you are not confident enough or patient enough with your dog then you need help to get him trained, there are strict rules now concerning dogs and there behaviour. Dog training schools are there to help and you will be doing you and your dog a great favour.