Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dog Training Schools

Dog training schools are available virtually everywhere! For quite a large fee you can take your dog to a professional training school if you have had no experience with dogs before, of course there are schools available locally and a lot less expensive!

Not only are dog training schools available locally but also on the internet. Dog training UK is very popular and has some great achievements. They also have a great guarantee for those stubborn dogs: if your dog isn’t obedient at the end of the training session you get every penny back! They claim to be able to teach your dog in only three weeks. I say if they have a guarantee go for it! You can’t loose.

There is quite a lot of controversy about dog training schools, a lot of people think that they are there to rip money of the inexperienced dog handlers, but it is quite the opposite, they need to make money to hire the hall etc. so why not charge? They are there to help inexperienced dog handlers who have got no support from anywhere else. They offer practical solutions and great company. There are other members so you are socialising while you are training what could be better?!