Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dog Training Book

Does your dog need a good seeing to? Does he act inappropriately? Those are just a couple of questions many people are answering in dog training books. Hundred of people are writing books on dog training as it is such a big market. Many people struggle to train their dogs on their own and people love the fact that they can make a profit out of it. I’m not saying that it is wrong to write a dog training book and charge for it, it's good that there are book resources available.

There are people writing dog training books that have never actually owned a dog and the nonsense they blether is quite funny but then you get the serious writers. People that have had about 30 years of dog training experience are putting their knowledge onto paper and making it available to the whole world which is fantastic. Many people need guidance when it comes to teaching their dog basic training and books are a great way to learn. You just have to be careful you are purchasing a book from a genuine dog trainer and not someone who can paint a pretty simple picture of dog training, because a pretty simple picture is not what dog training is about.