Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dog Kennel

You firstly need to identify the problem that you are using dog kennel training for, it is for housebreaking? Chewing? Making a mess? Once you have identified the problem you then need to utilize the cage to your advantage. All dogs should feel at home when they enter their cage. Food and water should always be available to them and comfortable bedding. For chewing problems chew toys should be available in the kennel and no where else and if he is caught chewing show him his chew toy instead don’t shout at him. Housebreaking is a little bit harder. Most dogs will not do their business where they sleep. So once you notice your dog start to get uncomfortable in his kennel take him out and let him do his business, once he has praise him and continue to repeat. Dog kennel training needs a lot of attention and probably aimed at dogs that are very stubborn and hard to train.

You may think caging up a dog is cruel but in truth its not, what happened to us when we were small? We were left in our cot or playpen to play, that is what you are doing to your dog, nothing cruel or inhumane just practical. Kennels are a little bit expensive to buy so make sure that you want to follow dog training kennels methods to the end before purchasing one.