Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dog Kennel Training

There is great controversy about dog kennel training. Many believe that cages, kennels and crates are today’s answer to quick convenient punishment. Although not as much controversy as there is about dog collars that choke a dog and give them electric shocks. Many dogs find comfort in their own place and some find quite strange places to call their own- the washing basket, the tumble drier, the bottom drawer…..

When dog kennel training you must ensure that you do not put your dog in there when he has been bad as tempting as it may be. Also dogs can’t be in the kennel for more than four hours due to the fact that they will need to stretch and need to the toilet. Many dogs start to feel uncomfortable after four hours and then they begin to get anxious. Sometimes the kennel isn’t the godsend some think it is. A lot of people aren’t using kennels properly and therefore end up with more problems then they had started with.