Thursday, July 13, 2006

Potty Training Dog

As much as we would love dogs to use potties that isn’t what this article is about. I’m talking about house training, making sure that they know to go outside when it is time to do their business. Potty training your dog is a lengthy procedure but at the end you’ll know it’s worth it.

The simplest method for potty training a dog is the newspaper method. Many owners have the problem where dogs excuse themselves in the house, because they don’t know any different, you can make them sit outside for hours but they will wait until they come inside the house to do their business, and most of the time they will do it where you can't see them.

This happens because while trying to potty train their dog many owners punish them after they have done the toilet in the house. But that is no good, they need to be caught in the act, but you don’t need to rub your dog’s nose in it like many suggest! The dog needs to learn to trust you not fear you or it will never learn.


At 9:24 AM, Blogger sacdogtrainer said...

No newspapers!

Punishment in housetraining is not effective because the dog is not doing anything "wrong." All punishment teaches a dog is that it is not safe to go in your presence, it doesn't teach them not to go in the house. And punishment after the fact is completely ineffective because dogs only associate consequences to actions that occur 3 seconds or less before the punishment.

Dogs don't think in terms of inside and outside, they think of living area and non-living area. They don't want to soil where they live, which is why most accidents are in formal living rooms, dining rooms, spare bedrooms, or other areas of the house that are not used as frequently. If a dog is going repeatedly in one area of the house, you can feed and play with the dog in that area.

A search for housetraining will reveal that management, over punishment, is more effective in houstraining a new dog or puppy. Do not allow the dog unsupervised access to all areas of the house. Keep them confined by a baby gate or leash to the rooms where you are, so that you can be aware of the signals that they need to go.


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